Professional Gemological Identification Services from Denney Jewelers

Denney Jewelers features an on-site laboratory offering you the most complete jewelry identification and appraisal services possible. Our laboratory is staffed by professional gemologists and gemologist appraisers who are experienced and current on new developments in the fields of gemology and appraising.

    Our gemological laboratory includes the following… 

  • a well-stocked library of gemological reference books,
  • and our lab is equipped with the following gem testing equipment:
    • a refractometer, a polariscope, and a dichroscope, each of which is used to show and/or measure different optical properties resulting from the interaction between gemstones and light,
    • gem scales capable of weighing to 1/100 carat, and are equipped for accurate determination of specific gravity,
    • a binocular microscope with dark-field illumination which is capable of magnifying a gemstone to at least 30 times its size,
    • an adequate light unit for use in diamond grading,
    • five Master Diamonds used for comparison in grading diamond color,
    • a source of ultraviolet light for measuring fluorescence,
    • a device for accurate measurement to 1/10 millimeter,
    • and a device for analyzing a diamond’s proportions.

Last updated August 3, 2017