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About Visconti Writing Instruments

The name Visconti has been synonymous of extraordinarily elegant writing instruments coming from very intense historical and technological research. Throughout its entire range of fountain pens, rollers and ball-pens, Visconti offers a broad assortment of high quality items all showing strong characters and features.

For Visconti, passion is the deep knowledge of the pen, a love that goes beyond the wall of business. It is the ability to create, judge and live the handwriting as a part of the human being.

For Visconti, the pen ceases to be a simple writing instrument as it becomes emotion, just as the canvas ceases to be simple material by turning into a painting. Art is when the pen becomes capable of narrating the story just as the cinema camera for a film director.

For Visconti, technology is the invention, the novelty, and the patent. It is the ability to innovate and change; it is the courage to get back into the game, but also to know how to manufacture a truly valuable high quality product.

 Visconti Innovation

Visconti is widely the most creative pen company as there is not a single component of the pen that was not innovated by Visconti.

Visconti Travelling Ink Well
Patented in 1997, this allows an easy filling of nearly any fountain pen on the market. It can be easily carried in any pen holder.

Visconti Double Reservoir Power Filler
Patented in 1998, this is the most advanced filling system ever made in all of fountain pen history. It allows to fill a fountain pen with the greatest amount of ink ever accomplished, up to the equivalent of ten cartridges. At the same time, due to the design using two reservoirs, it is the only pen safe for air travel.

Visconti Clip
Patented in 2003, this has the function to hook the pen to the pocket without damaging the fabric while communicating the brand with the Visconti name enameled on the side. The shape of the clip represents a bridge representing international friendship and diplomacy.

Visconti My Pen System
Patented in 2003, this is the most simple and ingenious system to customize the pen with the bearer’s initials, their oroscope, or with gemstones.

Visconti Divine Proportion
Patented in 2006, designed following the golden rule, 1.618 is the proportion of the  cap and the body. At the same time the golden spiral gentle wraps a five-sided pentacle pen. The trims of this pen are a masterpiece of craftsmanship.

Visconti Hook Safe Lock
Patented in 2006, this is the most revolutionary system to lock the pen in the cap, because it completely prevents the accidental unscrew of the pen while in the pocket.

Visconti Magnetic Lock
Patent pending, this is an efficient, easy to use and innovative system to safely lock the pen in the cap.With the magnet in place, the common issue of a loosened cap over time not being able to hold the pen in the pocket is eliminated.

Palladium Dreamtouch Nib
Dreamtouch is the term we coined to define a nib that requires no pressure whatsoever in order to write. It traces in a gentle way thoughts and words for a dream handwriting experience. 


Last updated August 3, 2017