Rembrandt Charms at Denney JewelersRembrandt Charms VaseRemember finding a candy heart from your secret admirer in your desk? Remember the excitement of your first kiss? Remember your first camping trip together where he got stuck in the outhouse?

We have thousands of charms for all of your unique, unforgettable memories.

A charm is a classic collectible that captures a memory, an event, a special occasion for a lifetime – a sentimental journey you can hold in your hand. Rembrandt Charms’ designs are created with exquisite detail. Forty skilled artisans are needed to create each charm in our collection, and jewelers detail and hand polish every charm.

Start the tradition. Charms are timeless treasures that can be passed down through the generations as family heirlooms. All charms are available in sterling silver, gold plate, 10k yellow and 14k yellow and white gold.





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Last updated August 3, 2017