A Unique Jewelry System

Petra’s foundation as a sculptor was the beginning of her wearable art.  At first she set out to create symbolic, heart-shaped amulets, joined together by magnetic forces as a metaphor for the “magnetic power of love.”  As of late Petra’s designs have undergone an impressive metamorphosis.  While her sweetly innocent United Hearts collections are still an all-time favorite, her new creations represent the architecture of a sophisticated jewelry design system, unparalleled in the world.

About the Artist

“My concept is to create sophisticated art objects.  Technically innovative, while emotionally, intellectually, and aesthetically stimulating.  Jewelry that will stand the test of time.”

Petra Azar is a German-born artist who utilized her education in art and design to start her career as the cheif designer in her parents’ Couture Studio.  For almost a decade she designed their women’s collections, while remaining involved in the Hamburg and Munuch art scenes, where she created some of her most important bronze sculptures.

Having worked with the best in the industry for over 20 years has sharpened Petra’s skill to balance revolutionary innovation with her own effortless style and timeless elegance.  In 2008, Petra’s invention of the “magnetic power clasp” was awarded a coveted US utility patent, giving her the courage to start her own company at a time when the state of the global economy suggested that starting a new designer brand was only for the brave of heart.  In each of her pendants, bracelets, and rings, aset of custom-made neodymium (rare earth) magnets are invisibly inserted into each side, allowing you to open and close every piece without a struggle.

Petra’s latest technical masterpiece was inspired by her desire to give women alternatives to the gaudy, overly-dramatic statement rings that have flooded the jewelry industry.  Sleek, sophisticated, and understated, Genesis rings feature a hinged shank with a magnetic closure, resulting in the easy addition of a variety of paved elements.  By introducing color and design variances, Petra gives women the power to continuously recreate their jewelry wardrobes to suit their needs.

With her incredible attention to the details of how women wear jewelry, Petra has incorporated unparalleled comfort into this luxurious collection.  Each ring opens on a hinge, allowing it to be secured around the base of the finger, as opposed to sliding over the knuckle.  With this added level of ease, the Genesis collection is not only aesthetically outstanding, but practically appealing, as well.


Last updated August 25, 2016