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An Add-A-Pearl® necklace is a timeless keepsake that’s been bringing generations together for nearly a century.

A Timeless Tradition since 1915

Through the years, its unique gift-giving legacy continues to grow, just like the beauty of each Add-A-Pearl necklace continues to grow.

Add-A-Pearl Necklace

Since 1915, each and every pearl on an Add-A-Pearl necklace has been meticulously selected to match in color, size, and luster. The pearls are then hand-strung on pure silk to maintain a strong necklace that will dazzle year after year. The Add-A-Pearl name adorning the clasp is your assurance that we stand behind the authenticity and fine quality of your necklace.

There is simply no substitute for the timeless beauty of an original Add-A-Pearl necklace.


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Last updated August 3, 2017