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Peter Storm JewelryFor Peter, designing jewelry is a science that has transcended into an art. Peter has been designing jewelry for the last 25 years, and it is something he enjoys to this day. Peter has a bright and inquisitive mind that gives him that special ability to turn an ordinary ring into something truly spectacular. Peter’s newest collection is based on traditional engagement rings. What makes these rings remarkable is in the tiny details. One of the constant themes in the Peter Storm collections is open space. Everyone wants a piece of jewelry that is dramatic. Peter has a keen eye for line and details and realized that open space, the pause between the diamonds and the skin, allows each diamond to showcase its individual sparkle.

Peter’s most recent collection, Rock My World, is debuting during this holiday season. Rock My World is the first jewelry collection inspired by Rock and Roll. The Rock My World™  collection is the intersection of passion: music, the language of emotion, and bridal jewelry, the symbol of love and commitment. Designed for today’s hip young bride, Rock My World is a fresh new take on tradition. Fascinating detail, beautiful lines… all highlight the wearer.

Peter’s personal relationship with Chester Bennington, lead singer of Grammy winning rock band Linkin Park, was a point of inspiration for the collection. As a way of giving back to the community, Peter has teamed up with Music for Relief, the non-profit founded by Linkin Park, to aid those affected by natural disasters, such as the earthquake in Japan.

Peter Storm Supports Music for ReliefPeter Storm Rock My World

Peter loves the jewelry he creates, but he also loves to display his work. Ask him a question about any of his favorite pieces and you will get a quirky smile and a short talk about the piece, his inspirations and the steps it took to bring the piece off of the drawing board and onto his client’s finger.

Peter works alongside his wife Anne and, at times, one or two of his three children. Peter and Anne form a strong team, each bringing to the table their own experiences and enthusiasm. Living in California, Peter and Anne take advantage of the incredible hiking. Another of Peter’s favorite pastimes is wine tasting. Be sure to ask him about his favorite vintages.



Last updated March 30, 2017