Visconti Writing Instruments

passion, art, and technology

Founded in 1988 by Dante Del Vecchio in Florence, Italy, Visconti is located in a 15th century villa where they hand-craft each writing instrument to demonstrate the highest level of artistry and beauty. Each creation is a true masterpiece, reflecting Visconti’s passion for history, art, science, literature, and human culture. The pens cease to be simple writing instruments, and instead, act as canvases on which new artistic expressions are painted and deep emotions are communicated. 

Visconti has set itself apart from other pen companies with a variety of innovations that they have developed throughout the years. There is not a single component of the pen that has not been improved upon. Visconti pens stand alone, not only for their technical solutions, but also for the quality of each writing instrument.

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The Visconti Collection

Every writing instrument tells a story: of art, archaeology, philosophy, mathematics, literature, or ancient or contemporary history.


Last updated August 3, 2017